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Veteran Owned & Woman Owned Partnership - It's a family thing!

Purafide started with the objective of providing 'Pure' healthy products with superior ‘Customer-First’ attitude. They launched their first products in air purifiers as Wade has been in this industry for over 12 years.

They are extremely excited to venture into sustainable products with 100% Pure Bamboo Paper Products.

Why does this matter so much to Wade? Here is a message from him, “Before my father passed away from Leukemia, while I was in college, he challenged me to ‘make a real difference in the world’. That is a hard challenge to aim for. I spent both my military and professional career chasing that target. Yet never felt that I was making a real difference.

When I arrived in the air purifier industry and read customer review, after review, after review of people talking about how their air purifier changed their lives, helped their loved ones live better, no more middle of the night emergency rooms visits with their asthmatic child. I knew that I could make a difference in the world one customer at a time.

Now launching 100% Pure, All-Natural, sustainable sourced bamboo products we know we will not only make a difference to our customers it WILL make a significant difference to our planet and our future generations.

To add to this, Purafide is a ‘Pay-It-Forward’ company with a percentage of sales from our bamboo products will support college scholarships in the Field Of Forestry and/or Environmental Services.

A percentage of air purifier sales are contributed to support Military Veteran Services. 

Our Mission

To produce products that empower our customers to make a meaningful, healthy difference in their lives and the world around them..

Our Vision

We partner with our customers, members, and brand ambassadors to use the Purafide products to live healthier lives and make the world a better place for everyone.

“We will not be a perfect company and we will make mistakes. However, we will do everything we can to own our mistakes, learn from them and do what we can to make them right with each customer one at a time. We have just begun this journey and we will need the help from everyone for us to continue to grow and ‘do it the right way’!”

– Wade & Rachel Zunker,

Purafide Founders