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Purafide Air XP360 H13 HEPA Replacement Filter

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It is with great regret that our supplier for this filter has let us down.

While we are making every effort to find a new supplier, we DO NOT want you, the customers, to be neglected. Therefore, we are doing something unheard of, sending you to competitors with stock.

We will update this page as soon as we are back in stock!

These filter options are compatible with our XP360 units.

Buying them will not affect your unit's performance or warranty. We have tested them, and they are built to our same specs. 

** We can not guarantee or warranty these competitor filters.

You can find these on Amazon. Copy and paste the below in the Amazon search bar:

  • Breabetter XP360 Replacement Filter Set
  • PUREBURG Replacement True HEPA Filter Kit Compatible with Purafide Air XP360 Air Purifier