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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see these most commonly asked questions to see if these can answer what you are seeking. Reach out to us if you can not find your answer

Do air purifiers remove mold?

HEPA captures airborne mold spores only. Mold is a serious problem and if you have this issue it would be best to treat the source.

Why do units show different colors?

How long will my UV bulb last?

The UV bulb should last about 10,000 hours (roughly one year).

When will the designer panels be available?

We are working to obtain the panels and make them ready for sale as quickly as possible. The supply chain issues have caused a huge delay.

How do I clean the XP360 sensor?

Per the manufacturer the 360 sensor should not be cleaned as it will recalibrate itself.

How do I clean the XP280 sensor?

Please email for a downloadable PDF with full instructions. Overview: Turn off the unit and unplug it. Located on the back of the unit, above the filter is a small hole where the sensor is housed. From time to time debris can collect of the sensor. Blowing dry air into the hole with a hair dyer,  compressed air can or your mouth can clear the debris from the sensor. Plug unit in and turn back on, let it run for 20 minutes to reset the unit. Repeat as needed.

Where are your units manufactured?

We are an American based company however at this time there are no air purifier factories in the US therefore our units are made in China. However the owner is actively engaged in conversations with US factories that make similar products to potentially make our air purifiers locally which has been his goal from the beginning.

What is the ideal air quality color and reading on my XP360?

Blue is the best air quality, Amber is very good, Orange is still good, Red is not good.

Does the XP280 come with a carbon filter?

This unit does not come with the carbon filter. If you have some light odor, you can order the XP280 carbon pre-filters that attach to the filter. Here is a link to the pre-filters on our website:

How often do you change carbon filters?

Carbon filters will last 3-6 months under normal conditions.  However if you have a heavy odor environment, they may not last as long or if you have a very light odor environment they may last longer.  A carbon filter is like a sponge it soaks up all the odor until it's full then it won't hold anymore.  When you start to smell odors this is your cue to change the filter.

Why is my unit making noise?

There are a couple of possibilities for your noise issue:

1. The filter is not in all the way.

2. The back may not be completely closed.

If you have checked and removed these possibilities, then the unit may have been dropped in transit and the fan is no longer balanced. If this is the case then we will replace your unit.

Why is the fan speed changing?

The unit is probably running on auto.  If this is the case, something changed in your environment and the unit has kicked into high gear to clean the air. 

As it cleans the air the fan and colors will change automatically until it reaches the original clean state and will return to low fan and blue at that time.  

However if you do not like the changing fan speed as it works through this process,  then my recommendation is to put the unit on speed 3 or 4 and leave it there until the color turns back to blue.

How much does it cost to run the unit 24/7 for a year?

That depends on your local power company rates per watt.

Why are there what looks like "burn" marks on the inside of my XP280?

These are NOT 'burn' marks.

The discolorations you are seeing are not burn marks but oil residue from the motor and should wipe off. However it can stain so it may not wipe off completely. Please note that it does not need to be cleaned and you are in no harm to run the unit.

Should I run the ionizer? Are they ozone safe?

Our units are ozone free and increases your unit efficiency by about 10%.  So it's really your choice. 

Is a more detailed explanation anywhere of what the numbers all mean on the XP360 display?

The 360 has lots of information however the "numbers" refer specifically to the Timer, PM (Particulate matter (air quality)), Temperature, Humidity and Filter life. Page 6 of the user manual may help.

The Timer is not needed unless you specifically want it to run at a certain time of the day. Optimally the unit will run continuously cleaning the air.

The PM (ug/m) is a scientific term which measures the particles in the air. The chart at the bottom of page 6 shows you what each level means. Anything up to 10 is good.

The Temperature and humidity indicator showing obviously the room temperature and humidity. If you touch the reset button once you will see what is left of the filter life (starts at 100% and goes to 0%).

The XP360 auto is no longer changing, what does that mean?

It means the air has been cleaned and the higher speeds are no longer required in order to keep the air in the room clean.

Do your units use ozone?

Our XP280 has no ionizer and no ozone. The XP360 has a completely safe ozone ionizer that you can choose to turn on or off.

Frequently Asked Questions

‘1’ represents the Auto Mode. The built-in particle sensor gives this unit the intelligence to adjust its fan speed based on the current number of pollutants in the ambience. This means enhanced efficiency without compromising air quality.

An Air Quality indicator can help you decide how long or often to use your Air Purifier. More importantly, our units come with an auto mode which helps the unit decide the speed to run on based on the air quality. This ensures pure air at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Air intake in the front of the unit for maximum exposure to the room, air outlet from top of the unit for maximum airflow up and across the room to force the air on the opposite side back towards the front of the unit. (Better than air intake in the back of the unit and front air outlet that does not produce good circular airflow direction through a room.

Filter Life Indicator shows you the accurate reading of remaining life of the filter, 99% remaining to 1%. Your convenience is our top priority and with Purafide units you don’t need to track or remember when it is time to change the filter. We let our units do it for you.

High humidity increases the rate of harmful or toxic chemicals in the air. Air temperature affects the movement of air, and thus the movement of air pollution. High temperature can also mean higher humidity. Having Temperature & Humidity sensors can help you decide the speed at which you want to run your air purifier.

It can also help you decide if you want to adjust the thermostat of your air conditioning.

Our Unit comes with a simple UV On/Off switch so you can easily opt to use or not use the UV sanitization function.

Our Unit comes with a simple UV On/Off switch so you can easily opt to use or not use the UV sanitization function.

Replacing the filter of your Purafide Air Purifier is very intuitive & straightforward. Follow these steps:

a. Snap open the filter cover

b. Remove the used HEPA filter

c. Replace the new HEPA filter

d. Snap fit the cover back on

Ergonomics is the scientific study of human interactions with an environment, a system or a device the with purpose of enhancing efficiency & convenience. Our XP360 boasts of an Ergonomic Display which makes it intuitive, convenient & efficient to use.

Our units come with a complementary 3-in-1 wall socket for ease of use & increased safety. Using this socket helps you avoid forcefully turning or bending the cable. Bending a cable can lead to cable damage and short circuits or electric shocks. But not with the Purafide Air Purifiers.

You can also use the socket with any other device of your choosing.